Marketing Manager

Hey there! I'm Nicole, Marketing Manager at Jobatto, the coolest freelance platform around. With 5 years in the biz, I'm all about making the freelance world buzz with excitement.

What I've Rocked at:
* Boosted user love by 30% with killer campaigns.
* Made websites addictive, lowering bounces by 20%.
* Turned influencers into our BFFs, jazzing up our street cred.
* Got people hooked on our content, pumping up site traffic by 40%.
* Lit up the "Jobatto Spotlight," sharing inspiring freelancer stories.

I'm excited to continue driving Jobatto's mission of empowering freelancers and businesses alike through strategic marketing initiatives. When I'm not stirring up freelance fireworks, I'm all about tech, creativity, and shaking up how we freelance.
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