Terms and conditions (Version: 9/1/2023)


Please carefully read the following terms and conditions. By visiting, freelancing, browsing, accessing, or using Jobatto, you consent to our Privacy Policy and agree to these Terms and Conditions of use. You may review the Terms. If you register your member account, you will need to agree to the Terms. If you do not agree to the Terms, please clear your browser cookies for this website and leave the website.

If you use our website, you hereby consent to our Privacy Policy and agree to its terms. If you do not agree to the Terms, please clear your browser cookies for this website and leave the website.

Permitted Use

Jobatto is a fee-free freelance platform that consists of our tools and member-generated content on the jobs board, services board, project management tool, invoice calculator, chat, and other business features, including the ones mentioned. You agree that you are only authorized to visit, view, freelance, employ, and conduct your business as intended by Jobatto. You should not duplicate, download, publish, modify, or otherwise distribute the material on Jobatto.

Prohibited Use

You agree not to use any automated software or device to monitor or copy Jobatto webpages. You will not interfere with the proper functioning of Jobatto.

Regarding content, in short, any illegal, unfair, unrelated, spam, harmful, or other use that deviates from Jobatto's intended purpose is strictly prohibited.

Here are examples of information that we do not support on our pages:

  • Usage of personal or protected data of other people, companies, or any other subjects without their knowledge and permission.
  • Information/products/services for which you are not licensed or approved.
  • False, misleading, fake information/products/services that can harm any party.
  • Exploits, hacks, viruses, illegal tracking, phishing, scraping, and other illegal cyber activities.
  • Copyrighted or patented information/products/services for which you don't hold a license.
  • Information/products/services that do not comply with local, state, or international laws.
  • Medical procedures, pharmacy products, chemicals.
  • Any kind of weapons or other physically dangerous products.
  • Pornography, gambling, prostitution-related content.
  • Tobacco, drugs, alcohol products.

Disclaimer of Warranties & Limitation of Liability

Jobatto is a free social and business platform with member-generated content for which we cannot be held responsible due to the nature of the platform. Jobatto provides business tools, not content, administration, or information checks.

The sole responsibility for content, actions, and acts lies with the creators and members.

In any case of damage, we cannot be held responsible for our members' actions, and therefore, we cannot be a part of your damage recovery.

In no event will Jobatto be liable to you for any indirect, direct, or incidental damages of any kind.

Usage Terms and Security

As mentioned earlier, by using this website, you agree to these Terms of Services. To use Jobatto services, you may need to register an account. For the account, you will be asked to submit some personal information such as your name, email address, and mobile phone number. The provided information is solely for Jobatto functionality.

Page content belongs only to its authors, but we reserve the right to modify, moderate, and delete all content published on Jobatto, including terminating members' accounts and deleting all related data without prior notification. We also reserve the right to suspend or limit member accounts by functionality and access.

Jobatto does not process freelancing payments and does not require any of your money-related information (e.g., credit card) or verification. Our Privacy Policy describes the use of member account information.

Member information on our servers is secured, and the traffic is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL) over HTTPS, as is typical industry standard.

Jobatto will show relevant information on public pages (e.g., job ads), but not project information, which is accessible only to a freelancer and the client.

Your personal information can be disclosed and provided to law enforcement if such a request is made to us.

Accuracy, Completeness and Timeliness of Information

We aim to provide accurate information on the website. However, sometimes, software bugs, infrastructure issues, or other reasons can lead to incorrect information. You agree to use the information at your own risk. If you discover any errors in the website's functionality, please contact us, and we will address them.

Modifications to the Services

We reserve the right to change Jobatto services at any time.

Products or Services Policy

We have the right to limit services or products to any member and also to block or delete members' data, depending on the case. This can be done without notice, on a case-by-case basis. We do not guarantee that our services or information will meet your expectations.

Third-Party Links

Outgoing website links can be found on Jobatto, mostly on member-generated pages. Jobatto is not related in any way to those.


Jobatto is not associated in any way with any of the companies, businesses, organizations, or individuals that may be listed. All trademarks, logos, and images are the property of their respective and rightful owners. While we take great care to ensure the accuracy of the information on Jobatto, please note that members are content creators, and we cannot be held responsible for any errors that may occur.

Changes to Terms of Service

We reserve the right to change the Terms of Services at any time, without notice. Please refer to this page for the latest version.