Privacy policy (Version: 1/22/2024)

Privacy Statement

This page explains how your personal information is collected, used, and shared when you visit this website or register a member account.

Personal User Information

Automatically collected information is gathered through 'Web cookies' and 'Log files' technologies. Web cookies are set by Jobatto to ensure its functionality, such as authentication. Web cookies are also set by our advertising partners and visitor statistics services, including Google. Web server log files automatically store access data, such as IP addresses, browser information, device information, and your internet service provider, along with the time of your visit.

Respecting Your Privacy

Respecting your privacy is our top priority, and we despise spam just as much – if not more. Our commitment to a completely spam-free policy is evident in all our email communications. Rest assured, we will never sell, rent, lease, or divulge your information (including name, address, email, etc.) to any third party without your explicit consent during the information-providing process. Your trust is invaluable to us.

Sharing Your Personal Information

As mentioned earlier, Jobatto uses third-party services for visitor statistics and analysis. For instance, Google Analytics helps us track website visits. You can learn more about this in Google’s Privacy Policy, and you have the option to opt out of Google Analytics on the Google Analytics Opt-Out page.

Advertising Cookies

Third-party cookies, managed by Google through the Google AdSense service, may be gathered to personalize advertisements. It's important to note that these cookies are not directly associated with the website's functionality. Google LLC and its partners may utilize these cookies based on visits to this website and other unrelated websites to deliver personalized ads. Users have the option to modify their ad personalization settings by visiting this link.

Behavioural advertising

Once again, as mentioned earlier, Jobatto uses third-party services for advertising, which is how we fund this website. The display of advertisements is managed by third-party online marketing partners, such as Google Adsense. These partners collect anonymous data to serve personalized ads to our visitors. You can opt out of targeted advertising on the Google Ads Opt-Out page.

Cookies Policy

Web cookies are small text files that are set on your computer, tablet, or smartphone the first time you visit a website. They are essential for the proper functioning of Jobatto and are used, as mentioned earlier, for statistics and advertising purposes. Analytics cookies and functional cookies do not require consent. If necessary, you can opt out of Google Analytics. In some countries, consent is required for online marketing tracking cookies. If you are not comfortable with Jobatto's privacy policy, please delete the cookies for jobatto.com and exit the website. Below, you will find instructions for managing, blocking, or deleting cookies in the most popular browsers:

Please note that disabling or removing cookies may affect the proper functioning of some Jobatto features.