About Fee-Free Freelance โšก

The most flexible, fully-featured, and completely free freelance platform is what Jobatto is all about. We believe that its unique flavor has a place in the freelance space.

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The concept of direct contact between a freelancer and a client optimizes their resources. Our mission is to deliver value to both parties in the freelance market.

Jobatto's strength lies in its usability, simplicity, and flexibility.

Feature areas:

  • Job advertising
  • Service and product advertising
  • Customised job bids
  • Skill badge awards
  • Powerful and simple project management supporting multiple job forms, including per hour, per milestone, and one-time tasks
  • Invoice calculation, tracking, statistics and export
  • Crypto coins as payment currency
  • Unpaid internship
  • Comments and file attachments everywhere
  • Chat app
  • Connection list
  • Live notifications about the projects
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Jobatto is interested in the process but not in being a middleman in payments between the job parties.

We provide a truly freelance experience for our freelancer and client users at zero cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there paid plans on Jobatto?

No, all our features are free and will remain free.

What currencies are supported?

At the moment, only USD is supported. We will support other major fiat currencies in the future.

What contract types are supported?

Multiple flexible job contract types are supported: hourly jobs, projects with milestones, simple tasks, unpaid internships, and more.

What is Jobatto funding model?

We make this possible because we believe in advertisements as a funding model.