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Hi. The "Orange Team Digital Services" is hiring a marketing professional with experience in the telecom industry, but not mandatory. Our client is launching (with our assistance) a new and exciting feature for its customers and a marketing manager should handle the process and get the best from it.

As our marketing manager, you will be responsible for:
Developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote the new feature.
Creating and managing a budget for all marketing efforts.
Developing and launching a targeted digital advertising campaign.
Creating and publishing engaging and informative content on our website and social media channels.
Collaborating with other teams, such as product development and sales, to ensure a seamless launch
Measuring and analyzing the success of the marketing campaign.

If you are excited about the opportunity to work on a cutting-edge new feature, we would love to hear from you. Let's make a splash in the telco world.

Payments will be weekly scheduled and based on fixed hourly fugure.

Job type Hourly job
Per Hour $16-30/h
Experience Experienced
Employment time type Full Time
Job industry Telecommunications
Job duration Longer period
Posted ago 1 year
Payment method Online Payment (Payoneer, Paypal, Skrill, Stripe, etc)
Attachments None

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Need a Freelance Writer? I can help!
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Katherine Ballard โ€ข 1 year ago
I excel in marketing campaigns, it is my strongest professional skill
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